Luke Hepworth


Luke Hepworth is a global adventurer and adrenalin junkie with a philanthropic twist.

For every adventure Luke completes, he donates and raises money for charity.

Air, land, sea and space - Luke knows no boundaries when it comes to travel and adventure!

In 2016, Luke first joined the Virgin Strive Challenge and signed up again for Virgin Strive Challenge 2018. Luke recently completed another challenge and successfully summited Mont Blanc. 

Luke recently completed the 2019 World Marathon Challenge - 7 marathons, across 7 continents, within 7 days. Commencing with a marathon on the ice of the Antarctic peninsula, the World Marathon Challenge continued with Cape Town, Perth, Dubai, Madrid, Santiago and Miami.

Apart from the physical and mental challenges Luke endured, he traveled 69 flight hours, across 37,014 km of air travel and experienced temperatures from -10 to 35 degrees with sleep deprivation and no down time. The 2019 World Marathon Challenge certainly pushed Luke to his limits. However, he kept pushing because for each leg of the race he donated and raised money for the following charities

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Luke hepworth training @STUDIO EVOLUTION FITNESS


My name is Victoire WALSER, I have been working at Studio Evolution Fitness for over 3 and ½ years. I love to work there because it is nothing like any other gym. Our approaches towards fitness and heath, teaching our clients how to move better, get stronger, fitter are as important to us as to help them to reach their goals. Furthermore, our sense of community is something that I have never experience in any other gym that I work before. This is a place where clients and members are treated like family and friend.


Luke Hepworth is one of the first clients that I am lucky to train since I started at Studio Evolution Fitness. Over the last 3 and ½ years Luke has kept me busy. He challenges himself but me too with his multiple goals such as Tough Murder, Marathons (Sydney, New York), the Mont Blanc ascension, and the latest of his challenge, soon to be achieve, 7 marathons in 7 days.

With his dedication, hard work and commitment, (he trains 5 to 6 times per week, mixing PT session and his own ) Luke has achieved all his goals; this is why all the Studio Evolution Fitness Team and me are behind him for this journey and challenge that Luke is about to commence and without a doubt will complete.

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LUKE thanks Studio Evolution for their support and assistance in training him for the
2019 World Marathon Challenge ®