Luke Hepworth

Luke Hepworth is a global adventurer and adrenalin junkie with a philanthropic twist.

For every adventure Luke completes, he donates and raises money for charity.

Air, land, sea and space! Luke knows no boundaries when it comes to travel and adventure!

Last Degree North Pole - April 2019

Last Degree South Pole - Dec 2019

Vinson South Pole - Dec 2019

World Marathon Challenge -

Mont Blanc Oct 2018

Virgin Strive 2018 and 2016

Skydive - 28,000ft (World Highest Commercial Skydive)

Recently returning to marathons after an injury, Luke has completed several marathons, including two New York, countless half marathons and he looks forward to expanding the international marathon list.

In 2016, Luke first joined the Virgin Strive Challenge and signed up again for Virgin Strive Challenge 2018.
Luke recently completed another challenge and successfully summited Mont Blanc. 

Luke aims to complete the 2019 World Marathon Challenge - 7 marathons, across 7 continents, within 7 days.

Commencing with a marathon on the ice of the Antarctic peninsula, the World Marathon Challenge
continues with Cape Town, Perth, Dubai, Madrid, Santiago and Miami.

Apart from the physical and mental challenges each entrant will endure, they will travel 69 flight hours, across 37,014 km of air travel and experience temperatures from -10 to 35 degrees with sleep deprivation and no down time. The 2019 World Marathon Challenge will certainly push everyone to their limits.

Each leg of the race, Luke will donate and raise money for the following charities. Please support Luke as he completes each Marathon and donate for these worthwhile causes.